Roasted coffee

A beverage that doesn't lose its way: roasted coffee spotlights

The International Coffee Organization has noted an increase in robusta coffee exports in recent years. While in 2021, the proportion between Arabica and Robusta exports was largely in favor of Arabica, with a 65% vs. 35% pattern, in 2022 the proportion of Arabica will be only 60%, compared with 40% for Robusta. These figures reflect a curiosity about robusta coffee, with its pronounced, very bitter body, which is more resistant and therefore easier to produce.

At Torrefactory, we use almost exclusively Arabica, except where our taste buds take us to explore spicier recipes. Our Italian blend also contains roasted Robusta coffee.

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What color should artisan coffee beans be?

This depends on the profile the master roaster wishes to give them in the mouth. Depending on the terroir and the specificity of each bag of beans, the artisan decides to roast the green coffee more or less. Gentle roasting preserves the coffee's acidic notes and lightness, while more insistent roasting will spice up the taste and trigger sweet reactions that are not to our displeasure.

The light color of your roasted coffee promises floral accents and a hint of acidity in the fruity aromas. A dark-roasted coffee reveals all its power. A guaranteed wake-up call! In between, there's a richly flavored, balanced coffee.

How to prepare roasted coffee

Here again, it all depends on the terroir. A coffee roasted for its intensity makes a very good espresso, which you can filter with a traditional coffee machine, with very good results. A coffee with gourmet hints of cocoa or nuts reveals itself extraordinarily well through a French press. Finally, spicy and floral coffees can be enjoyed almost like teas, with Aeropress or Chemex percolation.

Remember, there are as many ways to extract coffee as there are flavors. Let your nose and taste buds guide you in the best way to prepare each bag of roasted coffee.

Limited edition coffees

Do you have something to celebrate? A wedding anniversary, a diploma or a driver's license? Any occasion is a good reason to give a limited edition of roasted coffee as a gift. From time to time, Torrefactory launches an innovative blend for a short time only. Does the exclusivity of these opportunities make your mouth water? Stay tuned to be among the first to know.

Ps. It's not forbidden to treat yourself to these occasional pleasures. Need an excuse? Think of them as a reward for your diligence and support for an artisan-roasted coffee.

Keep up to date with our roasted coffees

At a time when consumers are keen to see more craftsmanship in their cups and plates (with 443 artisans and craft businesses certified by the FPS Economy by 2022), we too are promoting our Certified Artisan label.

This certification represents a passionate effort to achieve a roasted coffee with an unrivalled taste. You'll find this authenticity every day in your cup of coffee, keeping up with the latest ethical trends.

This is demonstrated by the "Swiss Water Process", a natural decaffeination process, and our blog posts on our direct partnerships, where you can discover the travel log corresponding to your preferred Torrefactory coffee.


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