Our ambition.
Roasting For Impact.

"Our ambition is to make quality coffee accessible to as many people as possible, while respecting people and the environment.

A trio of entrepreneurs.

Torrefactory is above all the story of a meeting #AutourDunBonCafé between three entrepreneurs: Laurent, Florent and Cédric.

Together, they created Torrefactory with the aim of becoming one of the best roasters of quality coffees in Belgium, with respect for producers, nature and consumers.

Doing business over
a good coffee.

The story of Torrefactory has been written since 2017. It's above all a story of encounters between entrepreneurs with a passion for coffee and roasting.
Great Coffee, No Compromise

The meeting that will change everything.
The story of Torrefactory begins when Laurent discovers the coffee roasting business through a chance encounter. That's all it took for Laurent to decide to go into the coffee business.
The art of roasting.
Laurent decides to train in coffee roasting, which will quickly become a real passion that will never leave him. A year later, he decided to launch his own business and created Torrefactory.
That makes two.
It was by pure chance that Laurent and Cédric met at a bachelor party. One coffee and a week later, Cédric joined the adventure as co-founder.
Never two without three.
It was by chance again that Cédric met Florent almost 15 years after university. Florent, then in the coffee business, was looking for an entrepreneurial project. Two weeks later, he joined Torrefactory.
Attacking companies.
The three of them are driven by a common goal: to put an end to bad coffee in the workplace. Together, they developed an all-in-one Fair Trade coffee solution for companies that quickly became a great success.
Like all its corporate customers, Torrefactory has not been spared the Covid19 crisis. By rapidly reinventing itself, Torrefactory has managed to stay afloat with its Internet coffee offer for private customers.
Towards an ambitious future
After a significant impact of the health crisis, things are looking up for Torrefactory: companies, shops, website, new projects, ... Torrefactory is growing and now has 6 full-time staff.
What's next?
The Torrefactory team never rests, with so much still to come. But even with a thousand projects on the go, we're nothing without our customers. It's you who write the next chapter every day, by supporting us.

Our values.

At Torrefactory, we are committed to strong values. This starts with choosing fair trade and sustainable coffees, produced with respect for people and the environment.

But above all, Torrefactory is about know-how, developed by Laurent through his various roasting courses. Even so, this is not enough for him, and he continues to train on a daily basis to master the product. This enables him to offer you quality, artisan-roasted coffees.

Finally, we are committed to making quality coffee accessible to all. Thanks to fair prices and a broad distribution system, it's never been easier to enjoy a truly good cup of coffee.
Sustainability. Know-how. Craftsmanship. Accessibility.

The Torrefactory team.

Operations and technical assistant

When he's not out and about on his electric scooter, Romain is mainly in charge of order preparation and stock management.


Always in the thick of things, Laurent juggles perfecting his roasting skills with his role as operations manager. The team's sportsman, he's always going at 200 an hour.

Digital marketing assistant

Behind the Torrefactory chat and networks, Sophie is always ready to help and advise you. Her dream marketing project? To make Torrefactory a Tiktok star.


Florent, despite his constantly busy schedule, always makes time to share a coffee and his vision of Torrefactory with customers. He is brilliantly in charge of business development.


Between two games of Fifa where he ridicules his colleagues, Cédric develops the tech and marketing tools needed to offer you the best possible online experience, as well as the entire finance department.

Business development manager

Always with a huge smile, Maxime is in charge of developing Torrefactory's activities in companies and shops, but above all he makes sure that all his customers are satisfied.

Joining Torrefactory?

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