Great Coffee.
No compromise.

"Every coffee is a story. At Torrefactory, we have decided to commit ourselves to three key values: impeccable quality, respect for people and nature, and modern, efficient service."

Carefully selected Fair Trade coffees

At Torrefactory, we have chosen to offer only fair trade coffee. From the coffee cherry to the roasted bean, each individual receives a decent wage and is treated with respect for human rights. Fair-trade coffee also enables the financing of socio-economic projects in the coffee-growing regions.

When Torrefactory was founded, it was clear that fair trade was the only feasible option. For this reason, we turned to Efico for our coffee supplies. Based in the port of Antwerp, Efico provides us with coffees from the best origins and the guarantee of a coffee produced under ethical conditions.

In addition, Efico has its own Foundation, which invests in sustainable development projects around the world. These projects support local education, access to more efficient equipment, economic aid, etc.

Direct Trade, our transparent sourcing

In addition to our partnership with Efico explained above, we have chosen to engage in another type of sourcing: Direct Trade.
Direct Trade is a sourcing method that eliminates all intermediaries between the producer and the roaster, who buys his batches of green coffee directly from the producer.

This strong partnership enables the grower to have a buyer without having to go through the coffee exchange, thus ensuring constant and fair remuneration. The benefit for the roaster is full traceability of the coffee he buys, and therefore excellent control over the final quality of the coffee.

At Torrefactory, we began our first Direct Trade collaboration with Finca de Doña Ana in Honduras in 2020. After a first batch sold out in just a few months, we renewed this collaboration in 2021 with a view to establishing a lasting partnership with them and further developing this type of sourcing for our coffees in the years to come.

Efico Foundation 

Since the beginning of Torrefactory, we have been committed to a strong partnership with the Efico Foundation, to which we donate a percentage of our coffee sales. These donations are used to support their social, economic and ecological projects in the various coffee-producing regions of the world.


Of our coffee sales donated


Projects selected by the Foundation


Producer countries supported


Local people helped by these projects

No to capsules

At Torrefactory, we have chosen to position ourselves as an alternative to coffee capsules, which are too polluting.

We only offer coffee beans or ground coffee, whose main waste product is coffee grounds, not aluminum. These grounds are biodegradable and can be reused in gardens, homes, etc. In concrete terms, Torrefactory coffees save over 1.5 million coffee capsules a year.

We are constantly on the lookout for innovative solutions to further reduce our ecological footprint.


Million coffee capsules saved per year

Our artisanal roasting

Out of a passion for craftsmanship and good things, we roast our coffee in a traditional way.

Unlike the fast and standardised industrial method, artisanal roasting is a slow roasting process, carried out by a specialist which allows the unique flavours of each coffee to come through.

This artisanal method allows us to guarantee you a variety of quality coffee, each one having a profile carefully chosen by our roaster. You will never go back to an industrial coffee after this.