Automatic coffee machine

Automatic coffee machines: perfection in a cup

The main reason for choosing an automatic coffee machine is to guarantee perfect percolation, dosage and temperature at every service. The vertically adjustable nozzle adapts to all types of coffee. The promise of consistently perfect coffee, whatever it may be, is reason enough to start looking into the subject. At Torrefactory, we offer a wide range of automatic coffee machines that will delight you for many other reasons. Here they are in the following paragraphs.

automatic coffee machine

Customizing your automatic coffee machine

For a finely tuned experience, adjust the intensity of your coffee, then program the temperature and amount of water to your liking. For the more routine among us, an automatic coffee machine is the royal road to a well-paced day.

Save your favorite coffee settings. So you can concentrate on your tasks with the energy and clarity of a great cup of coffee by your side.

A space-saving addition to your kitchen

There's no comparison with an espresso machine in a coffee bar. The Melitta and Jura models we've selected are as compact as they come. While a professional coffee machine occupies a volume of around 0.10 m³, the automatic coffee machines you'll find on our site are two to three times smaller (0.03 m³ and 0.04 m³ respectively for the Melitta Caffeo Solo and the Jura ENA 8).

This small, semi-professional tool easily fits into the layout of your kitchen furniture and equipment.

An automatic coffee machine to protect the environment

As you know, we're passionate about preserving the environment and local know-how. Our motto, "roasting for impact", drives us to offer our coffee-loving alter egos and friends of the planet sustainable solutions for enjoying their beloved beverage.

Here are the four main reasons why we are passionate about automatic coffee machines:

  • They allow you to buy bags of coffee beans (goodbye capsules and paper filters!);
  • You can stock larger quantities (500 g or 1 kg bags) and reduce packaging;
  • Optimized machine maintenance extends their life cycle;
  • We also like their energy efficiency, with ratings from A to A++.

Maintenance assistance

Being the proud owner of an automatic coffee machine comes with responsibilities. To guarantee the best-tasting coffee, you need to follow a few simple maintenance rules. These rules are usually dictated by the machine itself!

For example, your Melitta machine allows you to initiate fully automatic cleaning and descaling. Your Jura automatic coffee machine, on the other hand, tells you what to do to maintain it when the time comes.

You'll need cleaning tablets and a sink nearby. You'll need :

  • empty the coffee grounds container ;
  • empty the drip tray ;
  • empty the water tank ;
  • wash the internal circuit with a vacuum rinse.

The milk tube and nozzle can be efficiently cleaned with a water program. This maintenance should be carried out daily when you start preparing milk.

By following your automatic coffee machine's recommendations, you'll avoid limescale build-up and the mixing of coffee oils in the pipes.

What is the reliability and service life of the Melitta and Jura automatic coffee machines? 

When it comes to choosing a quality automatic coffee machine,  the Melitta and Jura brands stand out for their reputation for reliability and longevity. This article explores the performance and durability of these coffee machines, as well as why they are a wise investment for ethically conscious coffee lovers. 

Reliability of Melitta Automatic Coffee Machines 

Melitta, known for its commitment to sustainability and quality, offers automatic coffee machines that are designed to stand the test of time. Melitta users report high satisfaction with the consistency of performance and quality of the coffee produced. The brand is committed to using sustainable materials, reducing the environmental impact of their machines. The average lifespan of a Melitta automatic coffee machine , with proper maintenance, can easily exceed 8 years, a testament to the reliability and solid construction of these machines. 

Durability of Jura Automatic Coffee Machines 

Jura, on the other hand, is famous for its technological innovation and high-quality construction.  Jura automatic coffee machines are designed to provide an exceptional user experience, with advanced features that allow for complete coffee customization. When it comes to sustainability, Jura makes no compromises. Users can expect a lifespan that rivals that of the Melitta brand, often up to 10 years or more, provided the machine is regularly serviced. This includes cleaning, descaling, and replacing filters as recommended by the manufacturer. 

Why choose an automatic coffee machine from Melitta or Jura? 

Buying a Melitta or Jura automatic coffee machine is much more than just a convenience purchase. It is a choice that reflects an environmental and social conscience. Here are a few reasons why you should opt for these brands: 

  • Durability and reliability: Melitta and Jura's commitment to quality and sustainability ensures that their automatic coffee machines are reliable investments in the long term. 
  • Ethical impact: By choosing machines that promote the use of fair trade coffee, you are supporting business practices that benefit coffee farmers and their communities. 
  • Coffee quality: Melitta and Jura's automatic coffee machines offer advanced technologies that ensure the optimal extraction of the flavors and aromas of the coffee, allowing you to enjoy an exceptional cup every time. 
  • Eco-conscious: The environmental initiatives of these brands, such as the use of recyclable materials and the reduction of energy consumption, are in line with the values of eco-conscious consumers. 

It is therefore normal to think that Melitta and Jura automatic coffee machines stand out for their reliability, durability and positive impact on the environment and society. Choosing one of these brands means investing in a machine that will meet your quality and performance needs and also support your ethical and environmental values. It's a choice that combines fun, responsibility, and a commitment to a more sustainable future. 


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