Bean-to-cup coffee machine

A bean-to-cup coffee machine: for whom, for what?

According to consumers surveyed by Test achats in the summer of 2023, the best bean-to-cup espresso machine is the Melitta Purista. We stock it in black and silver. These sober, distinguished machines make two espressos at a time. Test three different coffee intensities thanks to its three settings, then save your favorite as your "favorite coffee". The whisper-quiet grinder respects your concentrated afternoons. Compact in size, it fits naturally into your kitchen.

coffee bean machine

Connected bean-to-cup machines

Among our range of bean-to-cup coffee machines, you'll find the Jura brand and its connected models. We particularly like the J.O.E.® ("Jura Operating Experience") application. Add a personalized title and image for your favorite settings and launch your cappuccino or americano from your mobile or connected watch. It's just royal.

The Jura E8 Dark Inox brews up to 16 cups from the same bean container. A special decaf compartment is available for simultaneous use of two types of coffee beans. Treat yourself to one of these little jewels and create a real coffee bar in your home.

Machines that keep an eye on things

Pun aside, the machines we offer are truly programmed to serve you faithfully, day after day. The bean tanks of the coffee machines distributed by Torrefactory are designed to store enough beans for a dozen to thirty coffees. The Jura E6 and E8 models can brew a dozen different types of coffee, and their Cockpit control system alerts you when maintenance is required. Cleaning the milk duct is done by itself, by activating the task via a dedicated button. But it's the bean grinding and pulsed extraction process that really win us over. Coffee takes shape right under your nose. You have to drink it to believe it.

What pressure for your bean-to-cup machine?

If you're looking for a good espresso, you need a 9 bar machine. In fact, this is the ideal pressure recognized for the espresso beverage commonly known as "petit noir". However, bean-to-cup coffee machines offer higher pressures, enabling flavors to be properly extracted in a wide variety of preparations. Any higher pressure, however, will reduce the flow of water. A pressure of 15 bar is ideal for extracting all the aromas without making the coffee bitter.

Some bean-to-cup coffee machines are equipped with a hot-water nozzle, enabling you to prepare tea or freeze-dried soups. The design of the machine ensures that the water is at the perfect temperature and flow rate when it reaches the cup.

Does Angel Moriondo ring a bell?

Born in Turin in 1851, the young entrepreneur invented the first instant coffee machine. Patented as early as 1884, the machine was registered as an international patent in Paris in 1885, and improved over the years. Moriondo's idea, taken up by the Italian Desiderio Pavoni of Milan, brought us the individual homemade espressos we know today... and our beloved bean-to-cup coffee machines capable of preparing a dozen different beverages.


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