Coffee tasting set

The world of Torrefactory in a coffee tasting box

Each box contains four bags from different horizons, to create a bouquet of aromas. You can select a coffee bean or ground coffee tasting box, with 250 or 500 gram packaging. Each sachet takes your senses on a journey. The corresponding tasting sheet serves as a guide, so it's up to you to put your luggage down wherever you please.

Discover the unique signature of each coffee tasting box in the cleverly designed arrangements. Lovers of mild, adventurous, classic and organic coffees will be delighted.

coffee tasting set

Initiate yourself to "cupping" with our coffee tasting kits

From the English word "cup", this coffee-tasting practice consists of smelling and drinking a coffee to bring out all its aromas. It's about being attentive to all the sensations that the sight, smell, texture and memory of your coffee awaken in you.

In particular, cupping invites you to "break the crust", not of a sandwich, but of the surface of the grind infusing into the cup, using a spoon. Does this description appeal to you? Try it out for yourself at home with one of our coffee tasting sets.

A coffee tasting box as a gift idea

Whether it's for the holidays, a birthday, or as a gesture of thanks, we've got a coffee tasting box to offer as a gift.

This invitation to share a cup of coffee combines the pleasure of giving and receiving. Be sure to impress with a refined gift that respects your ecological conscience and that of its recipient.

Torrefactory offers you coffees designed with you in mind, with respect for all.

For the good of the planet, the cardboard in our coffee tasting boxes is recyclable. At Torrefactory, the legacy we want to leave behind is passion for coffee, not carbon. Every capsule-free preparation counts. Our mission is to help you adopt this eco-responsible gesture.

Talk to your friends and family, and let's move into the era of coffee sourced with respect for the environment and the communities involved. Knowing this, we can assure you that every cup will be that much tastier.

A coffee tasting box to start things off

Who said your coffee would end up in the cupboard? Certainly not us, adventure seekers and challenge seekers that we are. That's why we suggest you think of your coffee tasting box as a world map. Brazil, Indonesia, Mexico... Make the most of your coffee ritual for a day of zen and vacation plans.

Find out more about the climate and customs of these countries. We're convinced that this daily teletransportation adds value to the information transmitted by your taste buds.

When should you offer a coffee tasting box? 

A coffee tasting box is an ideal gift for various occasions throughout the year. Each season brings its own charm and reasons for offering this unique gift. Find out how to integrate the coffee tasting box into the key moments of the year, highlighting the importance of this choice for each period! 

Spring: the renewal of the senses for a coffee tasting set 

Spring is the season of renewal, when nature comes back to life. Offering a coffee tasting box at this time of year symbolizes the beginning of new experiences. The fresh, light aromas of coffee are in the spotlight, inviting us to discover new flavors and celebrate the rebirth of nature. 

Summer: exploring and discovering Torrefactory's coffee tasting boxes 

Summer, with its long days and balmy nights, is the perfect time to explore the world of coffee. A coffee tasting box can accompany moments of relaxation or summer adventures. Fruity and tangy aromatic profiles blend well with the summer mood, offering a refreshing and stimulating break. 

Autumn: comfort in the softness of a coffee tasting box 

Autumn is synonymous with cocooning and comfort. It's the perfect time to offer a coffee tasting box that warms the heart and the spirit. Coffees with hints of chocolate, caramel and spices align perfectly with the warm colors and flavors of the season, offering comfort and well-being on cooler days. 

Winter: festivities and sharing - perfect values for a coffee tasting box 

Winter, with its festivities and gatherings, is the perfect time to offer a coffee tasting box. This gift can be an excellent way to share quality moments with loved ones, over a cup of coffee with deep, rich aromas. Special winter coffee selections can include limited editions or festive blends, making each tasting memorable. 

In every season, the coffee tasting gift set adapts to offer moments of pleasure and discovery all year round. It's a gift appreciated for its quality and originality, as well as for its ability to create moments of sharing and conviviality. By integrating this gift into the different seasons, we can celebrate each time of year with a touch of gourmandise and sophistication. 


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