Fair Trade coffee

The world of fair trade coffee: an overview by Torrefactory

Did you know that there are well over a hundred species of coffee plant, of which humans only consume two varieties: Arabica and Robusta? Most of the other varieties are doomed to extinction as a result of human activities that damage the environment. In this context, we agreereviews that it is urgent to rethink the way we consume coffee. That's why at Torrefactory, you'll find only fair-trade coffee.

Our aim is to accelerate the trend. In Belgium, the share of fair-trade coffee is approaching the 5% mark by 2022. The demand is there, and we want to satisfy it with exceptional coffee beans.

fair trade coffee

What are the sustainable practices of Fair Trade coffee production?

In addition to the small local producers with whom we work directly, we have chosen the Efico organization for our fair-trade coffee sourcing. In line with the ten principles of the United Nations Global Compact, outlining the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, Efico signed the Belgian SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) Charter for International Development in 2010.

Under the Charter, Efico is committed to supporting quality education, decent work and economic growth in producing countries. The organization also strives to forge partnerships to achieve these goals, and to help combat climate change, notably by favoring the use of clean, affordable energy. Finally, Efico is committed to sustainable consumption and production.

Find out more about Doña Ana's family farm in Honduras, nestled on a hillside in the middle of the forest, in our blog post on this beautiful, aroma-rich collaboration. The delicious variety of coffee grown there, Lempira, has given its name to the country's motto. CQFD.

Fair trade coffee, a fairly recent specialty

In terms of fair trade, coffee is the world's leading product. Fair trade was born in the middle of the XXᵉ century. It began to spread in Europe in the late 1950s and has only grown since. Although this laudable practice is gaining ground, it still only accounts for 0.1% of world trade.

Prepare your taste buds all year round with our fair trade coffees to celebrate fair trade fortnight in style. It's May and already marked with a coffee bean on our calendar.

The virtuous circle of fair trade coffee

With decent remuneration, coffee growers can rely on the quality of their harvests to stand out from the crowd. Feeding the fair trade chain by consuming a fair trade coffee also enhances your taste experience.

The more Fair Trade coffee farms develop, the more we come back to high-quality coffee. These days, consumers are no longer fooled: they have all the keys they need to appreciate good coffee at its true value. With Torrefactory, you're reshuffling the deck for an entire industry. And that's a credit to you.



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