Specialty coffee

At the heart of Torrefactory is the specialty coffee shop

She's known as the godmother of specialty coffee. Norwegian-born New Yorker Erna Knutsen was the first to define this type of coffee, typically respectful of all players in the chain, in the 1970s. Specialty coffee is the antithesis of coffee blends. It recognizes the distinctive taste of each terroir and promotes the value of the work of coffee farmers.

When, like us, you share a passion for specialty coffee, you're honoring this visionary woman. It was she who first took the gamble of working with small-scale roasters, who were more inclined to source and pay for exceptional coffee.

specialty coffee

Specialty coffee: recognition of certified craftsmanship

For us, offering specialty coffees means providing our customers with unparalleled craftsmanship. We have obtained the Certified Craftsman label to formalize our expertise. In particular, it is a guarantee of the traditional know-how we apply during roasting. We proudly display this quality label issued by the Belgian Federal Public Service Economy.

The Torrefactory network, an ethical and sustainable approach

According to CBI, the Center for the Promotion of Imports from Developing Countries, Belgium was Europe's third-largest importer and largest re-exporter of green coffee in 2020.

At Torrefactory, we focus 100% on fair trade coffee. We position ourselves in the specialty coffee market and promote an ethical and sustainable economy in our direct collaborations or through importer Efico. The latter is dedicated to sustainable sourcing practices for all players in the chain, enabling us to market a specialty coffee in line with our values.

Torrefactory supports the Belgian economy

Our strategic partnerships also take place here in Belgium. Our labeling partner is Axedis, an Entreprise de Travail Adapté (ETA) based in Limal, Wallonia. The emphasis here is on employing disabled workers, who apply each label by hand. The company also has an ecological component, renting out reusable tableware for events.

For us, specialty coffee also means ethical practices in our local communities in Belgium.

Cultivating taste with our specialty coffee

To get back to basics, there's nothing like a specialty coffee. The "slow coffee" trend, particularly popular with Anglo-Saxons (who already like to take their time at tea time!), has been growing in popularity since the mid-2010s.

The aim is to extract the coffee's aromas using the gentle method: filtration by manual filter, piston or Aeropress coffee makers. Choose a thicker or thinner grind for a mild to full-bodied result.

What we like about this technique is the freedom to experiment and the rather organic aspect of this preparation method. It lends itself perfectly to the tasting of our pure-origin coffees.


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