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All you need to know about buying coffee beans

At Torrefactory, we never compromise on quality, working conditions or the transparency of our partners. All our coffees are fair trade. We also support the Efico Foundation, which initiates numerous socio-economic projects around the world.

Your purchase of coffee beans from Torrefactory directly benefits the small producers and cooperatives we source from. Your morning nectar is as good for your taste buds as it is for communities in Latin and Central America, Ethiopia, Kenya and Indonesia.

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What parameters influence the flavours of coffee from coffee beans?

First and foremost, the quality of the roast is a key element that is reflected in your cup. Buying coffee beans roasted according to the rules of the art is the best guarantee of a successful coffee. Our master roaster opts for slow, low-temperature roasting, a guarantee of know-how and passion for coffee.

The type of water used can also alter the taste of your coffee. It's best to filter it to obtain a rich, full-bodied result. If you opt for mineral water, your coffee machine will thank you for the low-calcium alternative. Water temperature should be around 90°C to reveal the subtle aromas of the grind obtained by your machine or grinder.

Whether it's you or your machine that's at the controls, pay attention to the time allowed for percolation. It affects the bitterness or acidity of the coffee. When it's just right, the aromas blossom on your palate and you explore the terroir from which your coffee comes.

Can I save money by buying coffee beans?

Let's start by taking a look at our profile of coffee lovers in Belgium. The average per capita consumption of coffee in Belgium is 130 liters per year. This puts Belgium among the world's top 10 coffee-consuming countries, even ahead of espresso's birthplace, Italy. So it's only logical that we should try to spend less, without losing sight of the quality of our delicious beverage.

Coffee beans are sometimes more expensive than the ground variety. At Torrefactory, this is not the case. As for coffee in capsules, let's not talk about it, or only to say that each cup costs you double at the very least.

Buying coffee beans from Torrefactory is therefore the most economical way to enjoy tasty, high-quality coffee.

What equipment is needed to prepare coffee beans?

There are many ways to extract the aromas from your coffee beans. If you're a lover of the whole coffee-making ritual, you may be tempted by a mechanical grinder that allows you to achieve the desired fineness of grind, without the need for an electrical appliance. This is followed by filtration in a piston or French press coffee maker, or in a classic coffee machine. Finish with a well-deserved tasting break.

If you'd like to enjoy the pleasure of minute coffee at the settings of your choice, a good automatic coffee machine will take care of everything! Combine one of the Jura or Melitta machines we offer with your purchase of Torrefactory coffee beans. Day after day, you'll taste the delicious freshly ground elixirs and the efficiency of this method.


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