Coffee bean subscription

Pleasure and quality: the Torrefactory coffee bean subscription

Your Belgian coffee supplier

Torrefactory is the story of a shared passion for coffee. We are three Belgian entrepreneurs in search of the best quality coffee available, with the project of sourcing it while respecting people and nature. In 2017, we set up our roasting workshop in Belgium. Our proposition is simple: an exploration of the planet's best flavors in your cup, day after day. Our bean-to-cup subscription and delivery at your convenience give you the freedom you need to meet the challenges of the day.

If, like us, the freshness of Torrefactory coffee beans awakens your senses and activates your neurons before you've even had a drop, then this subscription is for you.

coffee bean subscription

Inimitable flavours

We know all about artisanal roasting. Your Torrefactory coffees all bear the "certified craftsman" label awarded by the SPF économie. This legal recognition of our craft discerns our commitment to preserving know-how. We're proud of it.

That's how we bring you local flavors from Costa Rica, Ethiopia and Italy. The freshness of the coffee beans is preserved in our high-quality packaging. A little extra that makes all the difference: they're recyclable. But let's get back to the gustatory pleasure of your coffee bean subscription. Your favorite aromas are brought out by slow processes studied by our master roaster in Belgium.

As with wine, each coffee terroir has its own identity and distinct aromas. From the most rounded profile in the mouth, such as Sunrise bio, to the most full-bodied, such as Espresso, the nuances of taste will surprise you with each percolation. It's because we've selected our ranges according to their terroir that you'll find a thousand nuances to suit your tastes. With our subscription to quality coffee beans, we invite you to travel the world.

Ethical and sustainable roasting

Our fair trade coffee comes from two sources. Firstly, we are supplied by Efico, a major player in the eco-responsible sector. 1.5% of our sales are reinvested in this organization to support socio-economic projects. This has earned us the "Efico Foundation" label.

On the other hand, what motivates us is direct communication with producers. We're here to form solid partnerships. In fact, this is what enables us to be totally transparent about where our coffee comes from, and to ensure ethical practices in our relationship with producers.

Our decision not to use capsules and our recyclable packaging contribute to our goal of carbon neutrality. Your Torrefactory coffee bean subscription is the reflection of an approach that cares about the impact of its actions at every level. It should enable you to drink a coffee in line with your values, every day.

The advantages of a coffee bean subscription with Torrefactory

Save 10% with our coffee bean subscription plan. The formula is non-binding and totally flexible. You can change any parameter of your subscription at will, according to your preferences and the state of your stock. We'll deliver to your door within 24 hours, so you can always start the day on the right foot.

Because we love a good surprise, we sometimes slip extra offers into your subscriber parcels. Why not treat yourself to the Jura machine of your dreams, so you can enjoy your coffee to the full?

Did you know that you can give your friends and family a €5 discount voucher and receive a coupon code for the same amount? Surround yourself with new coffee aficionados thanks to the Torrefactory referral program.


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